IT Development for Big Data

Convert large data sets into actionable intelligence with outsourced IT development for big data by CloudXtension.

The proliferation of devices has resulted in data explosion, which has, in turn, brought significant changes to the way businesses look at data. For instance, consumers are sending out information on their preferences, dislikes, and loyalty, and businesses are recognizing the importance of customer feedback and buying decisions.

At CloudXtension, the leading full stack developer for business intelligence, we help you have better control over big data analysis and governance.

Become smarter, wiser, and redistribute your sources to departments that require the most attention with CloudXtension. Work with us for outsourced big data IT development today.

Data Management
Data Management
Big Data' describes data sets so large and complex they are impractical to manage with traditional software tools. Along with cloud computing, social media, mobile, digital channels, and large repositories of business data comes the challenge of combining that data into a coherent stream of business information.
Our Big Data team can help you create a managed data strategy.
  • Hadoop
  • HPC
  • MongoDB
  • NoSQL

Data Analytics
Scattered data in multiple systems, costly data warehouse expenses, complicated and slow SQL queries - don't let them impede your organization's success. Enabled by NoSQL databases, advanced search technologies, and powerful open source platforms, big data and predictive analytics applications are no longer a luxury; they now play an essential, integrated role in your business intelligence strategy.
We can help you find the insights from your big data.
  • Teredata
  • Tableau
  • Silk
  • Pentaho