IT Development for Business Intelligence

Future-proof your business with CloudXtension's outsourced IT development for business intelligence.

Business intelligence or BI systems help businesses collect information to compare different aspects of their performance against competitors, efficiently deploy limited resources, and plan for the future. BI systems encompassa range of tools that allow you to gather data from internal and external sources, prepare it for analysis, develop queries, and create reports.

With a team of highly capable full stack developers for business intelligence, we offer comprehensive BI solutions that allow you to analyze and understand the critical business metrics, make informed and strategic decisions, and eliminate data waste. Our capabilities include:

Let CloudXtension’s outsourced IT development for business intelligence help you improve your BI capabilities and decision making. To start, call us today.

ETL and Analytics
ETL and Analytics
To be competitive in today's market, you want to make sure every decision made in your company is developed from the most accurate, up-to-date information possible. That you’re harnessing the brainpower of your entire organization. To do so you have to ensure your data is clean and organized dimensionally.
Our BI team can help you create the right data services to do the analysis you need.
  • Data Mining
  • Informatica
  • Analysis Services
  • Hyperion
  • SAS

Reporting and Visualizations
Once you have the right data organized in the right way you will want to construct best in class reports, visualizations and dashboards to affect the proper decisions. ​ We believe that BI can be everywhere and in every process. Let us show you how you can transform your data into ROI.
We work with a number of tools depending on your needs. Some of our expertise is below.
  • Tableau
  • Qlik
  • Microsoft BI Stack
  • Microsoft Reporting Services
  • D3