Service Models

Mix and match CloudXtension service models according to your needs.

Some businesses need simple enhancements, while others require completely new software products from scratch. At CloudXtension, we work with any type of business across all verticals; we meet your requirements using the engagement model that is best suited to your needs.

We offer different service models that you can use to outsource the development and maintenance of your software. You may select one or a combination of several. There is no one best model to reach a balance in outsourcing software development tasks. Depending on your needs, you may even require multiple service models,all of which are designed to mitigate business risks, reduce your costs, and increase your revenue.

You may talk to our team to thoroughly evaluate your organization’s IT needs. Our developers draw on vast knowledge and years of experience to provide sound advice and produce top-of-the line software products.

Staff Augmentation
When cost is a major factor and real time collaboration isn't as important then our off shore development center is ready to extend your capabilities. With industry leading retention rates and our large array of expertise we have the development team you can trust ready to help.
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Off-Shore Staff Augmentation
Staff Augmentation
If your project requires constant collaboration then on-site staff aug might be the best solution. We will provide you with vetted, knowledgeable resources that will extend your team and help you accomplish your goals.
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Software Solutions
Our design and development teams are ready to assist you in your time-bound projects big and small. During your project our staff will become your team and provide you the best responsiveness you ever experienced.
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Custom Software Solutions